Student Weekend in the Country

Student Sex Parties 6 years ago 4 580 39 min
When it finally gets warmer outside, the grass is green and the trees blossom in the beauty of the coming summer, these student think about nothing but having fun. Especially if it is a weekend! They leave their homes, parents and studies and go out to the exciting trip to the country house looking for some cool adventures and some really relaxing and exciting time! So here they are! Today the merry company of students went to the countryside and rented a small bungalow with a sauna inside and beautiful swimming-pool outside. Huh, the place seems to be beautiful, they have much food and what’s more, much gargle. Well-well, the party is gonna be great, why not? No matter that the girls feel a little bit shy at first, they soon behave more and more unfettered under the influence of many glasses of champagne. And the sauna favors to the fact that the heat and passion rises in this company… Just look at them! These girls are not ashamed anymore! They climb on the table and lose their clothes off moving sexily and dancing, rubbing the asses and pressing the boobs. They are so hot and fucking crazy! They fuck one on one and in groups, they deeply swallow the rock hard peckers and loudly shout from the unbelievable pleasure making the boys cum again and again! That was a really shocking party!