Crazy college sex in the wild

Student Sex Parties 2 years ago 47 775 68 min
I'm one of those student girls who spend more time partying than actually studying, and if I had a chance to start my college years all over again I wouldn't change a thing. Maybe I'm not the smartest girl in the world, but I learned lots of useful and essential things at college parties. Doing deepthroat? Double penetration? Lesbian sex? I learned all that, and I'm sure this is much more useful in life than higher education :) Anyway, this weekend I brought my girls to a little cottage that I got from my grandparents. It's located in the woods, far away from the city, in a very quiet place. I thought it was perfect for a fun all-girl party with fortune-teling and ghost-raising and things like that. So we had some champagne and decorated the place with fairy lights and candles. But after a while I realized that I should have invited some guys too. What was I thinking? The whole weekend in the woods, with nobody to fuck me. Damn it, I didn't even bring any sex toys! My mood wasn't as good anymore, all I could think of was hot college fucking. And this is when somebody knocked on the door. At first me and my party girls got scared as hell, after all we were in some tiny cottage in the middle of nowhere. But when we gathered out courage and looked out of the window we saw three guys. Apparently they got lost in the woods and needed some help. Well well, things were getting more interesting! We let them in and took a good look at the three guys who looked pretty hot and handsome. I couldn't believe my luck! I could see in their eyes that they got horny too. So when they asked for something to eat I told them that they had to work it off first. And I pulled my dress up. What happened next was way hotter than any college fuck party I've ever been to before. Me and my wild girls made the good-looking studs work it off real hard. They ate our pussies, they fucked us any way we wanted, and most of us wanted nothing but hardcore double penetration sex. Soon the guys forgot that they wanted to call a taxi and go home, all of us just couldn't get enough of this incredible fucking session. Go ahead and check it out!