College orgy with the flithiest chicks

Student Sex Parties 6 years ago 5 788 33 min
Welcome to a young students party! We are gonna show you what college sex is supposed to look like. Sneaky quick fucks won't satisfy no one here in Czech Republic. What we need is true orgies with perverted chicks who won't say no whatever you ask them to do.. But you have to treat girls right of course if you wanna get something from them. We invited four beautiful ladies to our friend's house and did everything that depended on us to make them feel good. Bought enough snacks and booze. Nobody would complain :) Tequila is pure magic, guys, I want you to know that. These hot chicks needed only few shots to turn into wild things and start making out on the sofa :) Cards are always good, too. We remembered the most popular game of all times which leaves all participants naked by the end of it.. And soon there were four naked girls in the room, and four cocks that needed to be taken care of. Dana and Kristina, two gorgeous blondes, started the night with amazing group sex scene. They were fucked in front of everybody in the leaving room.. Watching them I myself grew hard! So I took that busty brunette girl Sona to the bedroom for a private session. Her big bouncy boobs gave me a hard-on right away. She bent over and let me thurst inside her tight little asshole. What a feeling! I banged that bitch into the bed and came all over her. That's how our orgy started. We continued drinking and playing sex games. Nobody cared anymore who to fuck. It was just a big sex mess. Naked boys and girls switching partners and moaning, asking for more. Damn, I was so exhausted. In a very very good way though :)