Salacious student bash with witches and fairies

Student Sex Parties 5 years ago 9 695 48 min
Everybody loves fairy tales. As kids, we love to listen to stories about witchcraft and heroes and stuff, as adults we're mad about steamy stories about seductive witches and fairies and horny well-hung princess. So we decided to have a student bash dedicated to fairy tales. There sure was magic in the air that night as all of our captivating stories came true. The first fairy tale was about a lustful Red Riding Hood who met a handsome hunter in the woods and plunged into wild anal lovemaking right on the grass. Believe it or not, as soon as the story was over the hunter appeared and made the Red Riding Hood's dirty fantasies come true. She sure had a good time with this insatiable stud! The next fairy tale was about a sassy fairy who had a fight with another girl. The two hotties got so aroused in the process that they made each other come hard. Sounds cool, but I bet that it looks even better! So the sultry fairy chose one of the pretty babes to make her fantasy come true. Damn, their passionate action was totally mind-blowing! The nasty chicks even used big dildos to get each other off. Anyway, this fairy tale has a happy ending as both hotties came hard. Time for the next story, which was about a sultry schoolgirl and a teacher. The plot is as old as can be: a pretty schoolgirl is seducted by her experienced and horny teacher, but it's always exciting to see this in action! Time for a pretty blonde witch to tell her story! It's about two girls who enjoyed squirt a lot and decided to have a bet... I'll spare you the details, you'd better see this crazy and passionate action with your own eyes. After all the fairy tales were told we still felt extremely turned on and oversexed, and who wouldn't? The magic was still working, so all the fairy tale characters danced together, taking their clothes off and caressing and kissing each other. We split into couples and threesomes and went for the most unbelievable fairy-tale orgy ever! Witches and fairies and schoolgirls screamed with pleasure as the magic shafts polished their dripping slits and sprayed magic cum all over their faces.