Playing mafia game with horny college school girls

Student Sex Parties 2 years ago 38 806 45 min
It's impossible to organize a really cool college party without games! Playing games brings everyone together, makes the hot college girls relax and forget about boring lectures and endless assignments. This is why I always think of some cool game whenever I'm going to throw a students sex party. There are the obvious options like spin-the-bottle or twister, these games are very sexy and make all players horny as hell in no time. Perfect for a fuck party! But playing the same games every time is boring, and besides, I believe that every game can become very sexy and exciting. Ecpecially when you play with sexy college girls who wanna get laid. Change the rules a little bit, and even such a serious game as mafia becomes just a prelude to an orgy... So here we were, in a nice cottage in the country, sitting on the floor in a circle and ready to play mafia. Everyone chose a card, and the game began. I wasn't one of the players, I was the leading man, and it was fun to watch the others debate and discuss who might be the mafia. But I guess I got too carried away trying to steal a look up the skirts of our sassy party girls 'cause after a while I forgot what the leading man was supposed to do and screwed up the game. Nobody was mad, though, it was pretty funny. We started playing again, only this time we changed the rules. Anyone who got killed in the game was supposed to strip naked. Now that was gonna be much more interesting! I could hardly wait for those nasty student girls to get naked. This time the game didn't last very long, maybe because I wasn't the only one who wanted our college chicks to get naked as soon as possible. Anyway, the mafia won, and all the others had to take their clothes off and do whatever the mafia wanted them to do. Mafia decided to start with oral sex :) And when there are lots of nude and oversexed students in one room, wild group fucking is totally inevitable. This awesome college orgy was so crazy, I ended up fucking all the girls, and two of them turned out to be avid lovers of hardcore anal! How cool is that? One of the party girls got so horny that she insisted on doing double penetration, and I guess that it was the ultimate peak of the party, as least for me. I swear, this was one of the greatest college sex parties ever!