The craziest college fucking after graduation

Student Sex Parties 3 years ago 60 372 71 min
Today was one of the most unforgettable and important days in our whole lives! First of all, we passed our last exam, and that means that the study in our medical college is over and we can rightfully consider ourselves doctors now. But the most amazing thing wasn't even that, though we've been waiting for our graduation for ages. The coolest thing happened later, when we decided to celebrate it with five college chicks at my friend's place. We thought we'd just have some champagne, talk and laugh and have some fun, and nobody expected this party to turn into a real college orgy. Who would have thought that the sweet student girls we've known for years were in fact filthy and insatiable sluts! As I said, this wild graduation party was full of surprises. I was surprised to learn that two pretty college girls were lesbians, and I was definitely blown away by their passionate kissing and wild making out. Later they found a vibrating dildo somewhere, and they spent the rest of the party drilling each other's pussies with it. I don't know how many times they came, but their moans of pleasure were extremely arousing. Anyway, all the hot action started after we played spin the flask, but instead of kissing we took our clothes off, one item after another. I swear, when the beautiful student girls I thought of as close friends got naked in front of me I realized that they are sexy and seductive babes who wanna get laid. After spin the flask we played Twister, and yeah, we were all almost naked, aroused and a little horny. Is there any wonder that soon there were couples making out everywhere? As I said, there were two lesbians having sex in front of us, and all the other girls acted like real college sluts, so we guys put our hard cocks in their hungry mouths and up their wet holes. Can you believe that the shyest girl in our group turned out to be a filthy slut who could artfully work two cocks at once? Can you imagine that the most quiet girl begged for more and more of heated college group fucking? I wish I knew all this earlier, then I guess our college years would have been much wilder. Anyway, this party was the best thing in my life!