Wild and crazy student sex party, part 1

Student Sex Parties 6 years ago 7 639 26 min
We love barbeque parties! They're so easy to organize, just choose a nice place in the forest, buy some meat and booze and call the hottest college chicks. That's exactly what we did last weekend, hoping that our party would turn into a wild orgy :) So we started with some grape and jokes, making the girls relaxed and horny. Soon one of them, sexy Lera, agreed to come look for some firewood with me. Of course it was just an excuse to fuck her, but it turned out she didn't mind. She was really horny already, so she started blowing me, and then I fucked her real hard. She said she loved anal sex, so I couldn't miss the chance to do it. I'm a real gentleman, always ready to please a girl :) While I was fucking Lera, the others had a cool time as well! I watched the tapes and almost wished that Lera and me stayed with them. The girls started making out and seducing the guys, soon they took their bras off, and as you can guess, the guys got so damn hard that nothing could stop them from fucking! Some people were walking their dog and saw this awesome orgy :) I bet they'll never forget those naked students fucking like rabbits! By the time Lera and me were back, the barbeque was ready, the guys satisfied and the girls smeared with cum :) Time to have a bite and drink some more grape! When everyone was fed and happy, Lera and Eric started to dance, and they did it so sexy! Soon the only thing we all could think about was a wild orgy. It seems that our girls were the horniest party girls ever, as they started blowing us all, making us crave to drill their pussies and butts with our rock-hard dicks. It was an extremely hot student fuck, guys fucking the girls harder and harder, changing the positions, girls moaning with pleasure and begging for more. Finally we came on girls' faces, covering them with cum. If you think they didn't like it, you so very wrong :) God, it was such a hot sex party that I can't wait for the next weekend to repeat it!