Student girls enjoy wild out-of-town fuckfest

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What's the best place for a cool college fuck party? My buddies like to rent night clubs, saunas or at least big apartments, but as for me, I prefer taking hot college babes out of town. Find a remote cottage in the woods, and you're sure to have the wildest party there! You can play the music as loud as you wish, you can party till morning and no neighbors will complain, you can do anything you ever want without being disturbed. This is what I like about country life - privacy and absolute freedom. So this weekend my friends and pretty college girls agreed to do it my way and throw a party in the country. Wanna know if it was as good as I promised? Well, of course it was! So we started with making a fire, frying some sausages, drinking wine and telling each other stories. Some stories were funny, some were scary, and some were plain stupid. But all of them were cool :) You know, nothing brings people together more than sitting by the fire and cracking jokes. Besides, it was chilly outside, and we hadn't enough chairs, so our charming party girls sat on our knees. Trying to make 'em warm is such a great excuse to hug them and feel their tits through their clothes. And sure enough, soon all of us felt a little bit horny. So I offered going inside to get warm and dance. Though actually there were other things on my mind, much dirtier than dancing, ha-ha. Our sexy college girls were happy to go inside. Soon they got warm enough to take most of their clothes off. We turned the music on, but nobody even had a chance to dance. See, it happened so fast, nobody even noticed how our party turned into a real college orgy. I was helping one of the student girls to undress, and the next thing I knew she was sucking me off. Not that I didn't enjoy that though :) I looked around me, and everyone else was making out and undressing. Wow, that college party in the wild was getting even better than I expected! All the girls were so cock-hungry, they couldn't get enough. More action, more cocks, more cum! But enough words, you'd better watch this party sex video and see all the crazy stuff with your own eyes!