Hot and horny students go wild on Friday 13th

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The way I see it, Friday 13th is a bit like Halloween. It's a great day for throwing a little party with your friends, dress up like monsters and tell each other ghost stories. Actually this is exactly what me and my buddies did. We sipped beer and tried to scare each other with our stories. At first it was fun, but soon the coolest stories were told, and the party was getting a bit boring. I started to think that the whole idea wasn't as good as it had seemed to me, but luckily, my friends had a wonderful surprise for me. I didn't know that they invited five gorgeous college girls to our party, and when these babes finally arrived I was happy. Now everything was the way it was meant to be. Our party girls entered the room wearing nothing but kinky lingerie sets and stockings and high heels. Well, it's hard to think of a better outfit for a students party, right? Better yet, one of the babes set up a real strip show for us, and then another hottie joined her for some lesbian action. I know, I know, it sounds incredibly hot, but it looks even hotter than you can imagine! While we were enjoying a sex show the rest of the filthy college babes sat on our knees and put their playful hands in our pants. Of course we didn't stop them, we wanted them to go on and on and on and never stop :) Even though it was already the party of my dreams there were so many great things in store for us! You won't believe what happened next! We started fucking, all together, not giving a damn about anything. We did it on the floor, on the table, on the chairs... We changed positions and partners, and we did anything we ever wanted. The wild and horny student girls turned out to be real sluts, by the way! An average pussy fuck wasn't enough to satisfy their lust, they wanted anal as well. Damn it, most of them wanted double penetration sex! And we did our best to get the horny ladies satisfied. Eventually each of the hotties got a lavish portion of fresh cum in her hungry mouth. Who would have thought that this lame party would be such a blast?