Hot and wild sex party for students on a budget

Student Sex Parties 3 years ago 45 569 59 min
Everyone knows that students always need more money and that they love throwing cool student sex parties. But big parties require money, and this weekend me and my buddies were broke. Still, we didn't give up on the idea to organize a little college sex party with sex-hungry girls. All of us chipped in and we managed to scrape up enough to rent a cheap cottage for several hours. There was a big couch and a hookah - what else do you need for a wild sex party? Probably the girls expected something more chic, but hey, we all knew it was all about dirty fucking, so who cares where to fuck? Besides, we could play the music as loud as we wanted and do whatever we wanted, nobody was there to disturb us. So party on! So the beautiful college babes started with sexy dancing, and it was awesome to watch them shake their sexy butts in super tight mini dresses. Then we decided to play blindman's buff, but somehow it wasn't much of a fun. Eventually we opted for spin-the-bottle, a perfect game for every adult party. You all know the rules, you spin the bottle and kiss the one it points at. So we played by the rules at first, but soon we invented new and more twisted rules. We made each other undress or perform oral sex, and that way the game was extremely arousing and exciting. When everyone at our students party was naked and horny we just couldn't help it and plunged into a kick-ass college orgy! Ok, so games were over, time for a crazy student fuck! The couch turned out to be too small for all of us, so we just threw its mattress on the floor and everybody lay down on it. As they say, squeezed but pleased! And we were definitely very pleased with this incredible college fucking session. The girls sucked our rock-hard cocks and licked each other's oozing pussies, nobody cared whom to fuck, everybody just wanted more and more, harder and harder. One of the college babes didn't mind having anal sex, and soon my buddy and me were doing double penetration with her. Another one of our lusty college sluts got so turned on watching us that she begged for double penetration too. Oh God, what a wild party it was!