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Medical theme college party, part 3 Rating: 4.10

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Theme costume parties are damn fun, and don't you try to deny it! We are students and we can't afford some chic apartment or expensive gargle for our parties, but it doesn't mean we can't be creative. Sexy college girls that we invited to our bash suggested medical theme and we considered it a brilliant idea! Horny nurses in hot outfits and lace nylon stockings, perverted doctors, seducing poor things. That was so promising, and our expectations proved true. Join our medical party, guys, you won't regret it.
To raise the temperature from the start we set up a contest for our beautiful ladies. Sexy nurses were asked to strip for us, taking turns. Exotic dance from hottest college chicks in your very apartment, that stands high. We arranged fun contests for the guys as well, after that happy winners went to the bedroom in order to get the prize, which was hot extremely wild fucking. Best stripper of the night got banged in her pussy so well she couldn't stop screaming. She loved doggy just as much as climbing on top and fiercely riding the hard-on!
Everybody loved the idea of naughty games and sex involved rewards :) So we continued going crazy and having fun with spin the enema game (what, that's a medical theme party, for fuck's sake!), and even with the guessing game, also a little bit twisted and perverted in our execution :) Those games drove us so horny, we started to strip and make out right there in the living room. Making out was followed by actual group sex, which wasn't expected at all by no one. All of us having mad sex and switching partners, that was a bash to remember
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This party girls
  • Sexy girl YalenaYalena Rating: 4.2 of 5 (18 votes)
  • Sexy girl EsterEster Rating: 4.3 of 5 (48 votes)
  • Sexy girl ZlataZlata Rating: 3.4 of 5 (15 votes)
  • Sexy girl YuliaYulia Rating: 4.1 of 5 (21 votes)

Members comments (10):

  • rftx5phY (29 Dec, 2011)

    I understand why some people might get upset about the length of the movie. If you like straight fucking there is plenty for you on the Web. But this is unique. If you are into teasing and watching girls before they fuck this is for you!!! The girls are simply gorgeous.

  • MMM (6 May, 2011)

    Waste of time...

  • snjanieburton2 (6 Apr, 2011)

    Like the Vintage Party cut out 75% of the crab and you will have a shorter movie who is worth seeing with action now it is boaring.

  • grummel_0700 (6 Mar, 2011)

    sorry i like fun but this was to much kiding....

  • Berto (21 Sep, 2010)

    I event can not download any of the videos,..
    Standart definition:
    Episode 1 ( 44m 09s ) [AVI 887MB 768x576]
    Episode 2 ( 29m 40s ) [AVI 478MB 768x576]
    Episode 3 ( 31m 43s ) [AVI 653MB 768x576]
    Episode 4 ( 41m 35s ) [AVI 948MB 768x576]
    Episode 5 ( 30m 41s ) [AVI 471MB 768x576]
    Please hava a lokk at it. Many tnaks, Berto

    Admin (8 months ago)
    This problem was fixed. Check it now plz!

  • Berto (21 Sep, 2010)

    I can not download the video Episode 5 ( 30m 41s ) [AVI 471MB 768x576].
    Please, have a look at it. many thanks, Berto

    Admin (8 months ago)
    This problem was fixed. Check it now!

  • cwin1172 (20 Jul, 2010)

    Exactly right.   HOt babe and no action.  waste of time.  

  • rita (29 May, 2010)


  • MrHandy (25 May, 2010)

    HUGE disappointment!  Zlata does nothing?  Come on!
    I really hope you are going to have her take part in some scenes soon.

  • christibble (25 May, 2010)

    When is the HD version coming out?

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