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Chic vintage party, part 3 Rating: 4.06

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We got so bored with all these stupid parties. You drink booze and you get laid, nothing special. I don't remember whose idea it was to throw a theme costume party, but we got really excited about it, and here you go! Chicks in sparkling vintage dresses, gloves and feathers and all the retro chic. We play cards and smoke cigars. We listen to old music and we... Who said we can't have sex? Our grandpas and grandpas were not as decent as they tell us.
What was also hilarious is that each of us had a role, we played either husband and wife or horny maid. Everybody got so delighted about that game, we started to really believe in what was happening. I felt so sorry when I so to say cheated on my wife with her girlfriend. She slapped me and it was like I really deserved it! Anyway, sex session that I had with sexy girl in vintage dress was very much worth being beaten up. I'd do it again if asked to!
My buddy played a gangster who won two beautiful girls in the game of poker. He took one of them to the bedroom in order to get his price... Sweetheart gave him professional hand and blow job, but then all of a sudden ran away cruelly leaving poor guy alone with a painful big boner. What kind of a friend would I be if left my best friend in trouble? There were other pretty girls at the party who eagerly agreed to help him out! But instead of quickly getting him off they arranged a great hard fucking with anal and dp!
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Members comments (17):

  • Trenoveloce (21 Jan, 2015)

    Mmmmm the stick could be also deeper..mmm

  • Trenoveloce (21 Jan, 2015)

    Totally amazing vintage realistic porn

  • peng88 (20 Sep, 2013)

    Great, beautiful girls wasted in yet more of that CFNM garbage. CFNM NEEDS TO DIE AND DIE NOW!!! I am sick and tired of this fuckery and I mostly blame MANWIN!

  • pyramide (31 Jul, 2012)

    good anal very sexy

  • mightyrogue (14 Aug, 2011)

    please keep the stockings always.. great scene

  • cherryfong27 (13 Jun, 2011)

    Nice socks!

  • snjanieburton2 (31 Mar, 2011)

    Good Idea for a Vintage dress party, but filmed to long and not much action compared to duration of the total, cut out 75% and you will have a more interesting movie and one more thing let keep the wives alwas their stockings on if they start the movie with stockings

  • amadeus (8 Feb, 2011)

    very nice. a little bit long and no action.

  • GMG (13 Nov, 2010)

    some of the links r hit and miss. i downloaded part 3 iphone and had sound no picture. this has happened b4 on some others but time to make comment. wasted download time

  • FetishFlick (17 Aug, 2010)

    As a comment to ciccio bello : I think it's a great shoot, but I agree with him, that the 'studentgirl next door' approach is more appealing and suits this site better... however... an incidental 'dressed up party' (next time fetish ???) is always ok... as long as it stays incidental

  • house.service.471 (6 Jun, 2010)

    eva must fuck more why dont see everyone want to see her fucking!! me tooo he he

  • smartboy2307 (10 Apr, 2010)

    best site.excellent this site

  • 2873 (9 Apr, 2010)

    My god

  • Frogbyte (2 Apr, 2010)

    My god ! all the girls in that party are superb, including very nice and sexy lingerie. Colourful setting. ! I'd expect to see similar paties, but with wilder sex scenes ! A piece of taste.

  • Satboy (30 Mar, 2010)

    All the girls need to participate in the party.

  • Nike (30 Mar, 2010)

    Let them ALL join the party, including Lina and Juliana! No point in letting them only be there to decorate!

  • ciccio bello (29 Mar, 2010)

    why you dont keep on your roots?
    natural girl next door no make up and hair dressing
    every day costume?
    this last look like a private movie

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